Caroline Walsh-Waring is a fine artist based in Frome, Somerset.

Her work is colourful, surreal, fun, unusual, fluid, in fact full of multiple syllable adjectives.  Her aim and hope is that the onlooker enjoys it, with any luck, enough to buy it.  That way she can continue to spend her time creating the images she loves.

Enjoy perusing these pages, find out more about what makes Caroline tick.  Take a look at her Portfolio & Exhibitions pages to see if you are inspired enough to visit her at one of the many events or exhibitions she takes part in.  Please feel free to Contact her with your questions.

She looks forward, very much, to meeting you.


3 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Emily Denning said:

    Hi Caroline,
    I’m the landlady of The Fromeway. I have fallen in love with your “Christmas on the tiles” painting. Is there any chance I could be cheeky and make an offer of £80 ?
    With affection
    Emily 😊

    • I’m so pleased you like it as it has always been a favourite of mine. I’m working in Bath at 44AD during the Christmas market which keeps me here until late. I will come back to you very soon with an answer. Thank you so much. All the very best Caroline

  2. Emily I am now free of the Bath Christmas market which has kept me extremely busy over the last 10 days. I have to admit to being a totally unprofessional artist on this occasion as for once I have not kept a note of what price I have put on the painting, could you be so kind as to let me know. If we can agree on a price, would you like to take the painting? If so I can pop over and bring something to replace it quite possibly tomorrow evening, if not Thursday evening. As for payment I am happy to take, cash, cheque or bank transfer. I hope we can go from here, I look forward to hearing from you. All the best, Caroline.

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