Exhibition Dates

22nd-26th February – Polio Awareness Week an exhibition with several other local artists.  Frome Shopping Precinct, visit the currently empty unit by the bridge to the Library, opposite Studio Prints.  This is in conjunction with Frome Selwood Rotary to help raise funds and awareness of Polio.  A percentage of all sales will go towards Polio Awareness.

March 2010 – The Angel, Upton Scudamore an exhibition with other local Wessex Artists.  Details to follow.  See www.theangelinn.co.uk

1st-9th May 2010 – The Lamb in the Strand near Trowbridge. As part of the Cloth Road Arts week an exhibition in collaboration with with Claire Benison (printmaker and illustrator), Andy Miller (Hand crafted wooden pens and other items) and John Sanson (photography and 3D Design).  See www.lambonthestrand.co.uk and my link to The Cloth Road for more details of each artist.