Latest News

Well life seems to be busy, busy, busy, although I am not complaining!  I’m getting lots of organising done for the forthcoming exhibition in Frome 22-26 February in Frome Shopping Precinct in conjunction with Frome Selwood Rotary.  All the while keeping my eye on the ball for the Cloth Road Exhibition in May and getting my work together to exhibit in The Angel Inn in Upton Scudamore. 

With this in mind myself and the family just had to do a field trip to The Angel Inn at the weekend where we enjoyed a well deserved drink after walking the dogs – much needed as I am still trying to lose those Christmas extra pounds!

I’m also very excited about the families forthcoming skiing holiday to New Hampshire which is our yearly treat.  Not to everyone’s taste but it is a lovely part of America with some breathtaking scenery and lovely people.

In the meantime I had better get back to some painting so more news soon.