February Already!

This month seems to arrived far too quickly, where has all the time gone.

I had the great pleasure of meeting my other exhibitors for The Cloth Road Arts Trail in May last night.  John, Claire and Andy seem great people and I am really looking forward to putting our work together, I think we will be able to offer a venue well worth visiting.   Hannah, our host at The Lamb in the Strand (Semington) is being terribly helpful and I think we are all looking forward to a very pleasant week exhibiting in her pub.

Lots of other things going on, pressure is hotting up for the exhibition with Frome Selwood Rotary Club 22-27th February with lots of things going on in the unit during the week including a possible visit from the Mayor.

And in amongst all this I am desparately trying to get some painting done.  As usual I’m working on about 3 or 4 paintings at once, as I wait for one to dry I can work on another one.

Well it’s tea time now and I’m off to chomp into the lush looking doughnuts I bought us all as a treat for us all earlier today!

Have a good weekend everyone.

P.S. You may be interested to know that Dust and Jake had a little operation this week to avoid any further Dusts and Jakes appearing and sailed thorough with flying colours.  As for being drowsy after the op – not a bit of it, another spider plant bites the dust!