Progress so far…

Well this month seems to have gone by in a whizz!  The beginning of the month was virtually entirely taken up with te excitment of getting ready for the exhibition in collaboration with Frome Selwood Rotary Clubs and packing for our skiing holiday.

Te sking went brilliantly and as usually gave me lots of ideas for new paintings.  With the added plus tat I cam back with no more than a bruised bum!   Servers me right.

I have just completed the Exhibition with the Rotary.  It was terifically interesting to meet lots of new people in te Rotary and I was pleasantly surprised at their reaction to everyones art.  I had expected some to be somewhat phillistine about some of the more unusual pieces but it just goes to show you can’t read a book by it’s cover and all was greatly appeciated.

Sadly te lovely English weather was against us and not many people have been out and about this week.  I’m afraid we only made one sale which was one of my watercolours.  But better than nothing.  We did oweer have lots of people in looking at the work on show and I hope managed to educate people a bit more about polio which was after all the whole point.

So I now ave a tiny bit of breathing space until my next event in March at the Angel in Upton Scudamore so watch this space!