The Gates Are Finished!

As you can see our front gates are finished.  I’ve worked pretty hard on them, sanding down, cleaning up, etc., etc.  I also wanted to complete them before the weather got too cold in case it affected the paint surface and it all started peeling off.

I’ve had lots of interesting chats with passers by, all with lots of compliments, I guess the ones who don’t like it are just too polite to say so!  I hope. The previous gates were very dull and imposing so I hope I have brought a bit of sunshine and fun into the neighbourhood.  At least we won’t have any problems directing people to our house now.  The one with the bl**d!y great picture on the gate!  Ho.

Finished at last!

It’s certainly been an interesting  journey, getting used to painting on a different surface, dealing with something on such a large scale and not least coping with the attention from the passers by although I had some fun conversations and met some great people.

I think I have spent about 20-40 hours all told on the project, and I have had to work more quickly than usual. Unlike the oil paint I am used to, the exterior paint dried much more quickly and if I didn’t work it in immediately I couldn’t achieve the affect I wanted.  In many places it was easier to let the paint dry completely before attempting the next stage which produced it’s own problems as the paint didn’t adhere well on top of a previous layer but working in detail in some places meant I couldn’t work the paint into the surface as you would if you were painting a straight block of colour. 

As I was limited to what palette was available in exterior wood paints, a very boring selection indeed, I have mixed in some interior colours to get the colour I wanted so to ensure it’s weatherproofness I have yacht varnished over the top.

I’m now curious to see how the test of time and weather will affect what I have done.  If you have any comments, it really would be interesting to get your feedback, even if you don’t like it, but don’t be too rude, I’m a sensitive soul at heart.  A simple Yuk will do!

Look out for my next project which is already in the planning…..