The Windows

Hopefully readers you have been waiting with baited breath to hear what I am doing to the windows – no?  Your loss, because here it is.

The door to our cellar has very sad window panes in so I am attempting to replace them with panes decorated with a stained glass effect.  I would dearly love to get them done properly but at £150 square foot until I win the lottery this will have to do.

However so far so good.  As you can see from the photos below we have beautiful stained glass in our porch, rather than replicate this I am trying to echo its feel with a design of my own. Firstly drawing out the design on paper, overlaying the glass and then sticking lead strips onto the design.  Which is how far I am now.  After that I use glass paint to colour each area, that I feel may be the really tricky bit.  But here is my progress so far.
Porch Door Windows Existing Cellar Door
Existing Cellar Door


Drawn out design
Glass with lead strip stuck on in the design