Four and Twenty Artists – Rook Lane Chapel 5th-19th March 2011

Well!  “Oh what a night” as they say.  We had a fantastic preview for Four and Twenty Artists last night at Rook Lane Chapel in Frome.  I am so pleased that so many people braved the hill and the cold to come and see the exhibition and hope we gave them a very warm welcome.  Certainly, Sam West and I feel we achieved what we wanted in putting on a first class, professional show which was fun too.  We’ve had lots of help and advice from the Trustees and Rook Lane, Jo Plimmer, Chris Bucklow,Mark Karasick, Marion Bruce, Guy Watts, Mervyn Charlton, Martin Wade not to mention all those brave and steadfast souls helping us to keep things going by collecting glasses, clearing up, washing up so thank you Sue, Sam’s Mum, Alex, Nina, Linda, the two Rook Lane ladies, and of course star of the bar James.  And finally Holly, Bea, Inigo and Phoebe who were probably the best waiters we could have asked for, never flagging, doing their job inconspicuously and above all WELL.  This feels like an Oscar speech.

It was a great event, people enjoyed the private view, we enjoyed putting it together and onceI get hold of someone’s photos I let you all see what you might have missed!  But the star attraction – the art – is still there for another two weeks, so please do go along.