More Opportunities

Very exciting news, I have been asked to show in the foyer of the Arc Theatre in Trowbridge which is great news.  It always makes you feel good to be approached rather than have to do the approaching!

I have also entered a couple of pieces of work for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, which is a very scary thing to do.  As 12,000 people enter and only 1,200 get accepted I shan’t take it personally if I’m not one of the 12,000, but you never know… this space.

This involved a trip to London so I also went around introducing myself to several galleries, I’m afraid none of them took me up but they were all very complimentary.  I loved The Portal Gallery show and also The Riflemaker.  I also enjoyed Panter and Hall, just because they were really nice people.  But to buoy myself up I visited a few old haunts such as Selfridges and Hamleys.  It was fun to stroll down Regent Street but oh what a lot of tourists, and Oxford Street look terrible!