Getting lots of painting done, just finishing off an update on Missing Spikes which sold last year, but in oil this time and a little different.  I have lots of new pictures ready for my exhibition in Worton in July (1st – 10th) see www.oldmillarts.co.uk.

But I need to get my labels done, pack to go away this weekend, think about packing for France over half term, think about hanging in The Arc Theatre Trowbridge next Friday, the day before we go to France!  Arts Cafe to keep an eye on, I’ve taken on helping TheBlack Swan with the friends scheme.  I have dozens of cuttings to plant out, and my potatoes won’t stop growing.

Plus I have a HUGE bruise on my elbow from falling over when I was gardening, really it’s huge and on my elbow and hurts, yes I have used arnica!

Oh and now supper is ready!