The Following Tuesday

It’s not planned to write this today but here I am.  It’s a vey busy week here and I am busily creating labels for my exhibitions at The Arc Theatre, Trowbridge and the Old Mill Gallery in Worton near Devizes.  I’ve checked, double checked, and triple checked thembut what’s the betting once I’ve cut them out, pasted them onto board, probably got to the venue that I will find a typo.  Happens every time, it’s called sods law.

The other thing is Artists Statements, exactly what do people want to know about me?  Do they even care?  I just don’t know, anyway I shall try my best to make it sound interesting without people falling asleep half way through.

And amongst this I have to pack for a week in France, that’s if the £$%”£$^%^*&! Ash Cloud lets us off the ground, fingers crossed.

For want of something better, here’s a cute picture of one of the cats.

Dust in the Apple Tree- ahhhhhhhhhhhh!