Not Always Painting

I am very glad that I took the decision yesterday not to paint or create anything.  We’ve had a rather up and down spring here in the South West this year, colder than usual, lots of rain and the garden has not been terribly inviting.  But yesterday dawned gloriously so I got my act together, did all the washing, with a husband and two children it is never ending (I have a painting reflecting this in the pipeline) and got a lot of pleasure from seeing it gently blowing in the breeze in the garden.  I then jumped into the car and set off to my favourite garden centre, just over the border in Wiltshire, and bought lots of plants.

We have an old Coach House in our garden which we recently had refurbished to rent out.  We currently have a lovely tenant and her small boy in it.  Inside the old Coach House were the old troughs for feeding the horses.  We had this refurbished and have installed it in the garden.  I am now pleased to say it has some lovely pink and purple IMG_1907geraniums growing in it and some lovely little purple alpines which I hope will eventually spill over the side.  Plus I planted up several of my colourful pots and planters.

Whilst I say this isn’t creative, in a way it is.  I find a gardening gives me a great sense of calm and time to think about all the things I am doing.  So I got to enjoy the sunshine, made my garden a little more beautiful and ended up the

day feeling tired, with a slightly aching back but a great sense of well being.  So in my  opinion, time well spent.  What do you think?