June at Last

At long last the weather here in Frome seems to be picking up and we have experienced a few balmy days of sunshine, although I hear thunder storms are on their way.

However, for the moment I am enjoying the warmth of the sun and the energy it always IMG_1986
seems to bring me,and the odd Pimms of an evening.  As always at these times I am torn between spending time enjoying the fresh air or harnessing that energy and ploughing it into my work.  Believe me with the Frome Open Studios 2nd-1oth July, two commissions in the pipeline and a submission for the Bruton Art Factory to complete I have more than enough to do.

It seems fitting though to take my inspiration from an inspirational person, the late great Muhammad Ali, a man of many contradictions, often controversial but who made himself someone who will be remembered for all time and a personality who was very much part of my youth.  It’s hard to find one of his quotes to best describe what I feel but I will choose this one “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life”.

So I’m signing off for now to take a few more risks.  Speak to you all soon.