The Joy of the Sale

Art can often be a rather debilitating occupation. If we are truthful, we have all experienced the disappointment of rejection, the exhibition and event that has resulted in little or no sales for an awful lot of effort, the gallery submission that has either been rejected or not even answered.

Images are always hard to sell so it was really rather cheering to receive my first income from who are featuring some of my images as greetings cards. Whilst not a great fortune as yet it proved to me that there are people out there who enjoy my bright and somewhat peculiar style.  I do find cards and prints are a great way to keep the pennies rolling in.

Now we all know that we cannot create these beautiful things purely on a commercial basis, it has to be for the love of it or because a particular event or image has presented itself to our imagination.  However, we also have to be practical, there are bills to pay and more equipment to buy just to keep going.  So a little bit of income really helps to keep things going and also assists those who may not be able, just yet, to achieve an original painting to have something they love in their life either for themselves or to pass on to a friend. One of my most pleasurable sales recently was a lady who came to a recent Open Studio I did for the Cloth Road Arts Trail in Wiltshire, she couldn’t afford a painting but loved everything she saw and bought one card from every exhibitor, which clearly gave her a lot of pleasure and demonstrated her support for everything we were doing.

I’ve also found that I have sold original paintings from someone seeing one of my cards so all the effort is well worth doing and every link is a possible new contact.  With your website and contact details neatly on the back people will often take the time to look you up and with luck, follow up your details to find out where you are exhibiting next, as you can of course on my site.

So if you would like one of my images as a card do check out my profile on Love From the Artist – Caroline Walsh-Waring and see all the other lovely artists too.