Life is full of surprises!

Just when I’m feeling a bit down in the dumps, paintings have not sold well this year, something good happens.  Well actually, several good things.

Feeling a little exhausted after The Frome Open Studios earlier this month where I did quite well but failed to sell much in the way of original artwork, I’ve been feeling a bit jaded. Questioning whether I’m painting the right things or even should I be painting at all?  I think all artists go through this.  One thinks about should I change direction, should I try a different medium, should I try a different skill?  What can I do to try to get my message across as clearly it is not reaching as many people as I would like.

It’s not that the money is the main stimulus for creating, far from it.  But it is affirmation that somebody feels that what you are doing is worth spending their hard earned money on.  Let’s face it in these uncertain times with a changing political face, Brexit (Oh how I hate that word!), strange things happening in America (who on earth would have thought in a sane world that Donald Trump would have run for President let alone get as far as he has), religious fanaticism, rising bigotry and horrifying terrorism, money is tight on many levels.  So if someone buys your work then you know they truly love and understand it.  So when that isn’t happening you wonder where you might be going wrong.

The Daily Climb Nov 2009
The Daily Climb

However, on a lovely sunny afternoon when I was innocently spending some rare time in the local Beauty Salon getting my nails done for a special occasion, someone spies me there, pops in and says “I’ve been meaning to call you.  You know I love your work and I’d like you to do a commission for me!”  How absolutely lovely!  Then, the icing on the cake I get a message from Saatchi Art, which I have been registered on for some years with no success, telling me one of my classic pieces, “The Daily Climb” has been sold to a buyer in New York.

So whilst round the corner is not always good, on this occasion, for me and just at the right time it’s bloomin’ brilliant. So thank you God (or whoever you are) just now I am feeling blessed and happy and ready to continue creating.