Huge Relief!

Just a little piece today to say how relieved I am to hear that the painting I sold through has reached it’s destination safely so I should get paid shortly.

Not, as I have said before, that the money is what it’s all about but remembering the love and effort which went into the original creation of this piece a financial return is rather a nice return.  Plus it will allow me to make further forays into exhibiting and entering my work for competitions and open submissions which as we all know is not free!  Whilst I have never expected painting to make me rich it has always been important to me that it does at least pay for itself and a bit of profit on top is the icing on the cake.

So after several hours carefully and painstakingly packing up this piece of work for it’s long journey across the pond to New York it is a huge relief to hear that it arrived safely.  I do feel sorry for the poor person at the other end who had to unpack it as I think I used almost one and a half rolls of packing tape to say nothing of the amount of bubble wrap. Much as I decry so much plastic in our world these days, it takes 50 years to decompose, bubble wrap is an amazing thing.  Fantastic for protecting paintings it is also great fun to sit bursting the little bubbles in moments of contemplation. I have yet to meet anyone who can resist.

In a complete digression, I remember a very happy morning spent with my son when he was little opening a large parcel at Christmas time which was wrapped in large layers of this useful packaging.  We spent at least an hour or so with me sitting on the kitchen floor while he in deep joy ran and jumped all over the bubble wrap listening with glee as all the little bubbles popped.  Often the simple pleasures are the best.

So to get back on track I’m just glad “The Daily Climb” has a lovely new home, arrived safely and hope it’s release to the world may lead to new sales, perhaps one of these two might be next.