Autumn enters on a High

With much of the world in political turmoil, people still recovering from the Banking crisis in 2009 and Brexit this year it has been a tough few years particularly for 2D artists.

Whilst those making items with a use I believe may have weathered this period better, please correct me if I am wrong, 2D work is hard for the average buyer to reconcile with their daily expenses.  There is always the problem of how to price work, should it be affordable but then does this devalue your work or should you price high to truly reflect the seemingly invisible hours of work and training that have gone into the construction of your finished piece of work.  Who knows?


I, for one, am pleased this time to be reporting that whilst most of this year has been somewhat slow Autumn seems to have heralded some successes for me.  I’ve just completed two successful exhibitions at Starlight Studio Art in Shepton Mallet and The Victoria Hall in Radstock.  I have two highly promising exhibitions in the pipeline for 10-20 December at the Huntingdon Gallery in Bradford-on-Avon in Wiltshire (see right) and will be the featured artist at The Good Gallery in Stony Street in Frome for December, both excellent well run venues.

To add to this I’m hoping to have my work featured permanently in rather a good hotel locally, I have received a request for a large commission from a client and my design for the Frome “Mayors Christmas Card Competition 2016” won.  It will be featured on all the Frome Mayors Christmas Cards this year and on the front page of the Frome Events Calendar for Christmas.  So rather a lovely local feather in my cap.

So I’m feeling that even if things seem to start not so well and are occasionally somewhat bumpy along the way, it is true that you never know what may be around the corner so you should never give up trying, always be positive and most of all be true to your heart. Somewhere your lucky star is just waiting for you to find it, so don’t stop looking.