As Summer draws to an end

Summer is my favourite time of year, I feel rejuvenated by the sunshine, the warmth and increased chances to grab fresh air.

Sadly this year it’s been in short supply here in Somerset as we have had rather extraordinary weather even for England, with lots and lots of rain and cloud which has all been a bit depressing.  Plus we haven’t had a long holiday as we are planning something BIG for next year – more news of that later!?!?!?!?!

So I’m feeling a bit down, school holidays means that try as I might the needs of the family take precedence, persevering to stop the teenagers spending too much time on phones and computers – I admit I am probably losing the battle.  However, I have faith that this is a phase they will hopefully put behind them in time.  When they are alert and away from screens they are great company.

I’ve always said though that the family takes precedence, after all without them I could not paint.  Were I still young, free and single I would have to out there in the big wide world doing a job that actually paid the bills.  Thankfully I have a very loving and indulgent husband who lets me spend my time wielding a paintbrush and generally being creative most of the time.  Luckily my habit pays it’s way but I am yet to reach that exalted height where I can say I make a living, fortunately each year is more profitable than the last.

DL Flyer V4c

As we end the summer hols I have many, many plans afoot starting with not one but three exhibitions!  Wells Museum 16th-30th September, Somerset Art Weeks in Croscombe, Somerset 23rd September – 8th October and Fusion Five at Shaftesbury Art Centre 26th September – 10th October.  All new venues for my work so I am sincerely hoping to attract a new audience.  I am very fortunate to be showing in each case with a different talented group of people whose styles are all entirely different to mine which will with luck and a fair wind bring in new people who will all enjoy our shows even if they are not particularly drawn to my work – although of course I hope they are.


oba poster


However, even before all this my next venture out will be this weekend with the Old Bakery Artists at the West Barn, Bradford on Avon, 10-5pm Friday 25th August – Sunday 27th, so I do hope some of you will feel encouraged to come and visit us in this lovely location in one of the prettiest towns I know.