June 2018 Story so far….

Waiting to be fired

I just can’t think of a better title than that.  I am truly terrible at writing blog posts, I see it is a year since my last one, people must have thought I had gone into hibernation!  However, I am very much here to say that I have not.

I have actually been up to all sorts of stuff.  Since my last blog I have been taking pottery classes with Jenny Barton in her wonderful pottery school in Frome, Enigma Pottery.  As well as being my tutor Jenny is a good friend, she has worked tirelessly to establish her business which now covers supplying large institutions with bespoke items, pottery classes at several levels, her shop front, online sales and all manner of things, a sentence which does not do her justice.   I am much in admiration of her seemingly unending energy, drive and professionalism.

Jenny is an excellent teacher with her small class sizes making the whole experience not just fun but very personal, her students come from far and wide to attend.  Here are just a few examples of the efforts I have been up to.


I’m going to leave this post at that for now.  I think maybe short sharp bursts of news might be more achievable!  If you think you might be interested in joining one of Jenny’s classes or visiting her shop then why not visit her online at Enigma Pottery www.potterybath.co.uk