Do blogs work?

Well interestigly after writing a quick bit of news yesterday while I was working on updating my website this morning I see I have had a huge spike in views. So whoever that was thank you for taking a look.

I find with this old website thing I am discovering new things everday. Its a bit like having several hats.

The Artist Hat. With this one I can let my imagination run wild and I have never really had any trouble with that. I will see an image and almost immediately it makes me think into some kind of surreal extention. Quickly this forms into an image for a painting which I either sketch, think about or discard.

The Housewife Hat. This is the one where I remember that I have a house to keep tidy, people t clear up after and care for, animals to feed, walk, tend to and all that stuff. Not the most interesting but it is the stuff of life and as such still informs my work.

The Business Hat. These days we artists need to be business people and marketeers to. So I am always trying to think of ways to bring my art to the public and hope they like it enough to buy some of it. This is where the website comes in so I have to have my sensible head on and figure out what I want the website to say about me and how I can get it to do that.

So there we are, I’m not good at keeping up these blogs, I do hate that word, sounds too much like bog!! So I have decided short and sweet is best. Please forgive any typos, my life is too short to check for them, well this morning anyway.