Bath Art Fair March 2020

As always a fabulous experience! It is a priviledge and a pleasure to be accepted for an event like this, to be able to show with other professional artists, see their work, share ideas and just talk to like-minded people.

Another of the great pleasures of being accepted to exhibit in an event like this is meeting the visitors who are often looking at your work with a view to buying something special and original. Under one roof this year were 84 great artists exhibiting work in several different mediums and styles. Abstract, surreal, botanical, landscape, hyperrealism, sculpture, ceramics, paintings in so many different mediums it’s impossible to list them all.

Some of the visitors are other artists looking for both pleasure and inspiration and to exchange ideas. Just being with a group of artists for 3 days solidly builds connections and friendships and each time I have taken part in this event I have been so encouraged by the spirit of support, reassurance and inspiration I have received. To say nothing of the help and advice from the fantastic organiser Alce Harfield.

So whilst I didn’t sell as much as I would have hoped, (better than last year though) I remember these are difficult times and my work is very niche, I am really hoping I will be able to take part again in 2021 to reinforce those connections and build new ones.