Huge Relief!


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Just a little piece today to say how relieved I am to hear that the painting I sold through has reached it’s destination safely so I should get paid shortly.

Not, as I have said before, that the money is what it’s all about but remembering the love and effort which went into the original creation of this piece a financial return is rather a nice return.  Plus it will allow me to make further forays into exhibiting and entering my work for competitions and open submissions which as we all know is not free!  Whilst I have never expected painting to make me rich it has always been important to me that it does at least pay for itself and a bit of profit on top is the icing on the cake.

So after several hours carefully and painstakingly packing up this piece of work for it’s long journey across the pond to New York it is a huge relief to hear that it arrived safely.  I do feel sorry for the poor person at the other end who had to unpack it as I think I used almost one and a half rolls of packing tape to say nothing of the amount of bubble wrap. Much as I decry so much plastic in our world these days, it takes 50 years to decompose, bubble wrap is an amazing thing.  Fantastic for protecting paintings it is also great fun to sit bursting the little bubbles in moments of contemplation. I have yet to meet anyone who can resist.

In a complete digression, I remember a very happy morning spent with my son when he was little opening a large parcel at Christmas time which was wrapped in large layers of this useful packaging.  We spent at least an hour or so with me sitting on the kitchen floor while he in deep joy ran and jumped all over the bubble wrap listening with glee as all the little bubbles popped.  Often the simple pleasures are the best.

So to get back on track I’m just glad “The Daily Climb” has a lovely new home, arrived safely and hope it’s release to the world may lead to new sales, perhaps one of these two might be next.

Life is full of surprises!


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Just when I’m feeling a bit down in the dumps, paintings have not sold well this year, something good happens.  Well actually, several good things.

Feeling a little exhausted after The Frome Open Studios earlier this month where I did quite well but failed to sell much in the way of original artwork, I’ve been feeling a bit jaded. Questioning whether I’m painting the right things or even should I be painting at all?  I think all artists go through this.  One thinks about should I change direction, should I try a different medium, should I try a different skill?  What can I do to try to get my message across as clearly it is not reaching as many people as I would like.

It’s not that the money is the main stimulus for creating, far from it.  But it is affirmation that somebody feels that what you are doing is worth spending their hard earned money on.  Let’s face it in these uncertain times with a changing political face, Brexit (Oh how I hate that word!), strange things happening in America (who on earth would have thought in a sane world that Donald Trump would have run for President let alone get as far as he has), religious fanaticism, rising bigotry and horrifying terrorism, money is tight on many levels.  So if someone buys your work then you know they truly love and understand it.  So when that isn’t happening you wonder where you might be going wrong.

The Daily Climb Nov 2009

The Daily Climb

However, on a lovely sunny afternoon when I was innocently spending some rare time in the local Beauty Salon getting my nails done for a special occasion, someone spies me there, pops in and says “I’ve been meaning to call you.  You know I love your work and I’d like you to do a commission for me!”  How absolutely lovely!  Then, the icing on the cake I get a message from Saatchi Art, which I have been registered on for some years with no success, telling me one of my classic pieces, “The Daily Climb” has been sold to a buyer in New York.

So whilst round the corner is not always good, on this occasion, for me and just at the right time it’s bloomin’ brilliant. So thank you God (or whoever you are) just now I am feeling blessed and happy and ready to continue creating.

A Very Busy Week in Frome


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This is really going to have to be a very quick post, good thing I can type fast.

I am very busy getting ready for the Frome Open Studios which kicks off this Saturday running from 2nd -10th July every day 11am – 5pm.  This is a fantastic Art Trail which takes you all around Frome, don’t forget 6th trendiest town in Britain, during the Annual Frome Festival.  I’m looking forward to showing some previous and new work and sharing a new space with 10 new artists right in the centre of Frome at The Bennett Centre on Vicarage Street.  We’re bang next to The Silk Mill which hosts another 5 open studios so there is going to lots and lots for people to see and enjoy.

Myself and group of hardworking dedicated volunteers have been striving since September to put the event together as we do every year.  We’ve distributed 7,000 free trail maps, 90 posters, twittered, FB’d and Instagramed until our fingers are worn out, to say nothing of all the hard organisation that goes on behind the scenes.  They are a brilliant team.

On top of this I’m in the midst of finishing a submission for the Bruton Art Factory Summer show, a commission to illustrate a book of short stories alongside organising my kids who finish school this week, one is off doing his Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award and the other is getting demob happy and seem to assume I am a taxi service available at the drop of a hat to ferry them left, right and centre – teenagers.  Plus a husband who takes his place as President of the local Rotary Club this week.

However, like many creatives I thrive on pressure, it will all get done and hopefully all be a roaring success.  So if you are not a gibbering wreck as I will be by next week please do come along to see my work and the work of the wonderful artists I am privileged to be exhibiting with and let’s hope the weather isn’t doing this anymore.


The Joy of the Sale


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Art can often be a rather debilitating occupation. If we are truthful, we have all experienced the disappointment of rejection, the exhibition and event that has resulted in little or no sales for an awful lot of effort, the gallery submission that has either been rejected or not even answered.

Images are always hard to sell so it was really rather cheering to receive my first income from who are featuring some of my images as greetings cards. Whilst not a great fortune as yet it proved to me that there are people out there who enjoy my bright and somewhat peculiar style.  I do find cards and prints are a great way to keep the pennies rolling in.

Now we all know that we cannot create these beautiful things purely on a commercial basis, it has to be for the love of it or because a particular event or image has presented itself to our imagination.  However, we also have to be practical, there are bills to pay and more equipment to buy just to keep going.  So a little bit of income really helps to keep things going and also assists those who may not be able, just yet, to achieve an original painting to have something they love in their life either for themselves or to pass on to a friend. One of my most pleasurable sales recently was a lady who came to a recent Open Studio I did for the Cloth Road Arts Trail in Wiltshire, she couldn’t afford a painting but loved everything she saw and bought one card from every exhibitor, which clearly gave her a lot of pleasure and demonstrated her support for everything we were doing.

I’ve also found that I have sold original paintings from someone seeing one of my cards so all the effort is well worth doing and every link is a possible new contact.  With your website and contact details neatly on the back people will often take the time to look you up and with luck, follow up your details to find out where you are exhibiting next, as you can of course on my site.

So if you would like one of my images as a card do check out my profile on Love From the Artist – Caroline Walsh-Waring and see all the other lovely artists too.



June at Last

At long last the weather here in Frome seems to be picking up and we have experienced a few balmy days of sunshine, although I hear thunder storms are on their way.

However, for the moment I am enjoying the warmth of the sun and the energy it always IMG_1986
seems to bring me,and the odd Pimms of an evening.  As always at these times I am torn between spending time enjoying the fresh air or harnessing that energy and ploughing it into my work.  Believe me with the Frome Open Studios 2nd-1oth July, two commissions in the pipeline and a submission for the Bruton Art Factory to complete I have more than enough to do.

It seems fitting though to take my inspiration from an inspirational person, the late great Muhammad Ali, a man of many contradictions, often controversial but who made himself someone who will be remembered for all time and a personality who was very much part of my youth.  It’s hard to find one of his quotes to best describe what I feel but I will choose this one “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life”.

So I’m signing off for now to take a few more risks.  Speak to you all soon.

Not Always Painting


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I am very glad that I took the decision yesterday not to paint or create anything.  We’ve had a rather up and down spring here in the South West this year, colder than usual, lots of rain and the garden has not been terribly inviting.  But yesterday dawned gloriously so I got my act together, did all the washing, with a husband and two children it is never ending (I have a painting reflecting this in the pipeline) and got a lot of pleasure from seeing it gently blowing in the breeze in the garden.  I then jumped into the car and set off to my favourite garden centre, just over the border in Wiltshire, and bought lots of plants.

We have an old Coach House in our garden which we recently had refurbished to rent out.  We currently have a lovely tenant and her small boy in it.  Inside the old Coach House were the old troughs for feeding the horses.  We had this refurbished and have installed it in the garden.  I am now pleased to say it has some lovely pink and purple IMG_1907geraniums growing in it and some lovely little purple alpines which I hope will eventually spill over the side.  Plus I planted up several of my colourful pots and planters.

Whilst I say this isn’t creative, in a way it is.  I find a gardening gives me a great sense of calm and time to think about all the things I am doing.  So I got to enjoy the sunshine, made my garden a little more beautiful and ended up the

day feeling tired, with a slightly aching back but a great sense of well being.  So in my  opinion, time well spent.  What do you think?


New Horizons


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Just when you think all is rather down in the dumps, new opportunities come forward.  I’m very pleased to say that I have been asked by Starlight Studio Art in Shepton Mallet to hold an exhibition from 8th September-10th October this year.  Focussing on trees!  It’s a new venue to Shepton Mallet which for many years has had a somewhat unfavourable reputation.  But with the advent of the rather smart Kilver Court Gardens and Designer Shopping outlet and lots of new and forward thinking people in this surprisingly pretty town I think things may well be on the up.  Watch this space for more information nearer the time.

Making new links

I’m very pleased to have been invited by Love from the Artist to feature on their website which currently gives visitors the chance to buy greetings cards with artists images on the front.  You can add your details on the card with your website and the copyright remains yours.  As a not for profit organisation supported by The Paying Artists Campaign you get to keep the sale cost of the card less printing costs which are minimal.  What a brilliant idea.  Do go and visit my work and see work from lots of other artists too.

Not just an artist

An artist these days seems to need to be a marketeer, advertiser, blogger, salesperson all in addition to coping with managing to find time to express his or her talent artistically. With that in mind I have spent the last week or so bringing this website up to date.  Bar one or two tweaks I think it is very nearly there.  I’m hoping to get this migrated over to my own domain very soon so that this completely new place will be where you can find details of everything I am up to.  I will also make much more effort to keep this blog up to date as well.

So if you find time to scoot by whilst surfing please do follow me and let me know what you think of my work and my site.  Don’t be too hard, I’m a sensitive soul!