Montgomery Puff, Dodo – Illustration

IMG_1431I was very flattered to be asked by the author Deborah de Satge to illustrate her first book, “Montgomery Puff, Dodo”.  As you can see here, we had a small celebratory drink when Deborah presented me with the printed book.

“Montgomery Puff, Dodo” is an exciting new book for 9-12 year olds and tells the story of Madison Greenacre when she discovered a 500 year old dodo hidden in a priest hole in her house.  I mean, dodos are extinct – aren’t they?

Determined to keep the dodo safe and secret, Madison and her friend Hunter set about trying to uncover several mysteries.  How did the dodo come to be in a priest hole in Derbyshire, thousands of miles from his native Mauritius? How has he survived the best part of 500 years?  And – most importantly – how can they reverse extinction and bring dodos back into the world?

Since then “Montgomery Puff, Celebrity” has been written exploring the dodo and his friends extraordinary rise to fame.  Both books are available on Amazon by following this link Montgomery Puff on Amazon



“This story is full of fascinating historical facts while also exploring the difficulties of growing up and making friends at school.  The supporting characters are great and the protagonist Montgomery Puff, who is very believable, steals the show.  He’s an interesting character, refreshingly different and beautifully illustrated.  I thoroughly recommend this book and I can’t wait for the next adventure.”  Carolyn Irvine

For more information visit and contact the author, Deborah de Satge on