Oil Paintings

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2 thoughts on “Oil Paintings”

  1. Lisa Gyori said:

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures.

    I love the bright colours.

    I want to try oil paints do you have any useful tips

    Best wishes


    • Dear Lisa, Many thank for your compliments, it is lovely to have feedback, especially when it is positive. I did go to art school but we didn’t do any oil painting. It was something I had always wanted to try so I just bought some basic paints and colours and set to. An inexpensive way to start is to buy student colours and you can get pads of paper suitable for both oils and acrylics. Oils take much longer to dry than acrylics which personally I like, (about 6 months to fully dry depending on the thickness of paint) I also think you get much more vibrant colours. Start with some basic hogs hair brushes but you may feel inspired to use sable brushes, these are much more expensive but allow you to work in much finer detail. There are many mediums you can mix with oil to change the consistency and drying time. The first step is turpentine, similar more environmentally sound products can now be found.

      Basically though just go for it, there are no rules except with oil remember fat over lean. Your thinner layers done with turps must be under the heavier layers, this is because they dry much quicker and if done wrongly the paint will crack, however, this may be an effect you want?

      I suggest try it, read books and there are many tutorials on You Tube as well now (not when I first started). Make mistakes, you learn from them, and most of all enjoy the process.

      I hope this is helpful, good luck.


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